Mig Cig Standard eCig Starter Kit



About our Standard e-Cigarette Starter Kit

Now you’re for real! If you’re considering whether to buy this e-cigarette kit,  get serious about doing something to reclaim your life from the clutches of toxic smoke. The Mig Vapor Standard e-cigarette starter kit is an incredible value that comes with two Mig Cig cigarette style 4.2 Volt ecig batteries, a USB battery charger with wall adapter, beautiful ecig carrying case and ten Mig Vapor e-cigarette refill cartridges with your choice of flavor and nicotine level.

Unlike the cigarette style e-cigs that Big Tobacco companies peddle in gas stations and convenience stores, Mig Vapor gives you quality, value and options to suit your individual needs.

What’s included with the Standard Mig Cig e-Cigarette Starter Kit:

● 2 Mig Cig e-Cigarette Batteries

● 2 x 5 Packs Of Mig Vapor eCig Cartridges (your choice of flavor)

● 1 USB eCig Charger

● 1 A/C Wall Adapter

● User Manual

● Warranty Info

Standard Kit Specs:

●  4.2 Volt high power batteries

●  Rechargeable ecig batteries

●  10 Mig Vapor eCig Refill Cartridges

* Use only with Mig Vapor ecig chargers and keep away from heat and water.


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